Amy Jørgensen is an award-winning composer and pianist.

Amy is best known as a film composer, writing music for over 60 film/TV projects, including James Cameron's "Deepsea Challenge"; children's animation series "Bluey" and a number of Australian TV drama series, including "Home & Away" and "Winners & Losers". 

Amy has also written music for projects with Channel 7, The Nine Network, The ABC, SBS, National Geographic, Netflix, 21st Century FOX, Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, The Song Company, XBox, Playstation and has even composed a fanfare for The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir AD, CVO (former Governor of New South Wales). 

Amy is classically trained (Sydney Conservatorium of Music and NYU) and has written music for many orchestras and classical ensembles, but also spent her childhood in the 90s touring around the countryside playing keyboard in her family's rock/pop band. Even before she started school, Amy’s mother would sit beside her at the piano, recounting stories that Amy would improvise music to. As a result, Amy's music is rooted in classical form and technique; but it also embraces elements of pop/rock culture and emotive, narrative-driven musical storytelling.

Whether Amy is writing for film, for orchestra, or for solo piano, her music is always deeply emotive and cinematic; rich in harmonic layers and beautifully captivating.

Amy truly believes music can transform lives, stories, and moments. 


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