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Amy Jørgensen is an award-winning composer and pianist, based in Melbourne (Australia).

Amy is classically trained (Sydney Conservatorium of Music and NYU) but spent her childhood in the 90s touring around the countryside playing keyboard in her family's rock/pop band. Even before she started school, Amy’s mother would sit beside her at the piano, recounting stories that Amy would improvise music to. As a result, Amy's music is rooted in classical form and technique; but it also throws on a leather jacket and embraces pop/rock culture; then hits the red carpet and indulges in the emotive storytelling of film music. Either way, Amy's music is harmonically rich and layered, unapologetically cinematic in style, and a little "rock n roll".

Amy's unique style has been sought-after for collaborations on numerous well-known screen projects both in Australia and internationally, including beloved Aussie TV drama Home & Away; children’s animation series Bluey, TV drama series Winners & Losers; teen fantasy series Mako Mermaids; reality series Last Resort and Look Me in the Eye; the Playstation game Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise; and feature films Early Winter and The Heckler

Amy worked with Hollywood film-maker James Cameron (Director of Avatar and Titanic) on the score for his documentary, Deepsea Challenge 3D, which earned Amy an Australian Academy Award nomination for "Best Original Score".

Amy has also written music for projects with Channel 7, The Nine Network, The ABC, SBS, National Geographic, Netflix, 21st Century FOX, Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, The Song Company, the Australian String Quartet and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Amy enjoys scooting around on her red Vespa; a good strong cuppa, and dreaming about where her travel adventures will take her next. She also has a rescue cat called Theo, who takes his job in Amy's studio (napping!) very seriously.

Amy also takes her job of emotionally manipulating her audiences very seriously 🤣 It's Amy's hope that when you listen to her music, you are transported somewhere, feel something more deeply than you knew you could, or simply smile for a minute or two.

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Piano Music

"Locomotive" (composed + performed by Amy Jørgensen) 👇

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A selection of orchestral music composed + produced by Amy Jørgensen 👇

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