Want Amy to write custom music for your media project?

  • Fees for Composition

    $150 per hour (Australian dollars). It usually takes about 5 hours to write, record and produce 1 minute of music (in Amy's studio), depending on the complexity of your project and the size of the music ensemble required. This fee does not attract any GST (Australian Goods + Services tax) and fees can be paid for via credit card in any currency. This fee does not include the hiring of additional musicians, external recording facilities, score prep/printing, etc.

  • Additional Fees

    Changes, re-writes, re-dos, edits, re-mixes etc are not included in the original writing/recording/producing fee, and will be charged at an additional $150/hr. The creation of stems will also charged at an additional $150/hour. Meetings (whether on the phone or via Zoom) are also charged at an additional $150/hour. A one-off fee of $500 is charged per project for admin and email time.

  • Schedule

    You can expect an average of 2 minutes of music to be written, recorded and produced per day, depending on the availability/schedule of Amy at the time of your project. Please allow extra time for re-writes, admin, meetings and delivery of final files. Amy does not work weekends or after hours, and all work (including meetings) will need to take place between 8:30am - 6:30pm, Monday-Friday [GMT+11 time].

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