Film/TV Projects

Amy Jørgensen is an award-winning composer and pianist, based in Melbourne (Australia).

Amy's neo-classical style of music is emotionally-charged, harmonically rich and intensely cinematic.

Amy has written music for dozens of well-known TV shows, including beloved Aussie drama, Home & Away; children’s animations series Bluey; drama series Winners & Losers (which was nominated in 2012 as Australia's most popular drama series); reality series' Look Me in the Eye & Last Resort; and teen fantasy series Mako Mermaids.

Amy has written music for projects with Channel 7, The Nine Network, The ABC, SBS, National Geographic, Netflix, 21st Century FOX, Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel, and wrote music for the acclaimed and much-loved 1960s spy game Agent A.

Amy worked with Hollywood film-maker James Cameron (Director of Avatar and Titanic) on the music score for his documentary, Deepsea Challenge 3D, which earned Amy an Australian Academy Award nomination for "Best Original Score".

Amy studied film music in New York City with The X-Files Composer, Mark Snow; and Elementary, Homeland and 24 Composer, Sean Callery.

James Cameron's "Deepsea Challenge 3D"



Children's Animation Series (TV)

Hamish & Andy's "True Story"

TV Series

Home & Away

Drama Series (TV)

Winners & Losers

TV Drama Series

Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise

Game (2015)

Early Winter

Feature Film (2014)

The Last Resort

Reality TV Series

Mako Mermaids

TV Series

Look Me In the Eye

Reality TV Series

Crime & Punishment

Feature Film

8MMM Aboriginal Radio

TV Series

The Heckler

Feature Film

Australian Unity

TV Commercial/Sonic Branding

A Racetrack Somewhere

Documentary Series (TV)

Pickett's Charge

Short Film