What Can I Learn in My Composition Lessons with Amy?

  • Writing Music for Film, TV, Games and Media
  • Writing Your Own Music (in whatever style you are drawn to)
  • Orchestration
  • Songwriting
  • Notation
  • Music Composition Software (Sibelius, Logic Pro)
  • Improvisation
  • Can you already play an instrument but would love to know how to write your own music for it?
  • Are you already writing music but get stuck and don’t know how to take it further?
  • Are you wishing you had the knowledge to put your ideas down on paper or into music notation software?
  • Are you interested in writing music for film or television?
  • Music Theory, Harmony, Chord Progressions, Key Relationships
  • AMEB Music Theory / Musicianship (Preliminary – 6th Grade)
  • It’s all about achieving YOUR music-writing goals, so tailoring the lesson to suit your needs is Amy’s priority.

What Will We Do in Our Composition Lessons?

Your composition goals are very specific to you, so Amy’s lessons are tailored to help you achieve those goals…whether that be writing music for film, writing an orchestral piece, releasing your first pop-music album, or just getting creative with your new music software. 

  • Learning composition can be a slow and complex task with many facets and challenges to overcome. 
  • Many young composers often find themselves stuck, not knowing how to complete a composition, or how to get it out of their head onto paper (or into the computer). 
  • Composing music uses both the left and right sides of the brain (creative and analytical), so Amy designs her lessons to be creatively immersive, whilst also offering you a well-rounded education in all the other aspects of composition from technology to business. 
  • This puts you in the best possible position to challenge yourself creatively, reach your potential and achieve your goals as quickly as possible. 
  • Your lessons are 1:1 with Amy (not in a group or with other students). 
  • You have Amy's undivided attention throughout each lesson, and all material, feedback and exercises are tailored to you!

Our Composition Lessons Can Involve Any or All of the Following:

  • Your Compositions – Listening to any composition work you have done during the week…providing feedback, suggestions on how to improve, orchestration ideas, how to use your music software to achieve the best result etc. 
  • Technology – A HUGE part of composition these days is learning the technology and software that is available to assist with our music-making. So many young composers don’t know how to get their ideas out of their heads and into a form that other people can listen to. Amy can help you learn music notation software (Sibelius) and music sequencing software (Digital Audio Workstations) commonly used for recording music, and for writing Film and TV music (Logic Pro) and ultimately, help you set up your own studio. 
  • Theory – Composing intuitively is an amazing feeling; but knowing the nuts and bolts of how music actually works can help take your compositions to the next level. 
  • Improvisation – Whilst it is important to learn the theory and the technology, it’s also important to just let your creative juices flow…and improvisation on an instrument (or with a piece of technology) is one essential tool for composition. We can spend time in our lesson improvising around a certain chord progression, scales, melodic ideas, rhythmic ideas etc etc to develop your creative ideas further. 
  • Analysis – Listening to the music of your favourite composers or songwriters, and analysing what they are doing. This is a great way to get fresh ideas of your own. 
  • Instrumentation and Orchestration – If you play an instrument, chances are you may have tried composing for that instrument. But how do you go about writing for instruments you can’t play? This is where we learn about instrumentation and orchestration…how to write for an orchestra, a brass band, a wind quintet, a string quartet, etc etc. 
  • Creative Tasks to Complete – Each week, you will be assigned a creative task to take home and work on during the week, which you would show me at the following lesson. This will be tailored to your specific areas of interest.
  • Music Business – We can also include lessons on music business, getting started in the industry, marketing yourself and equipping yourself with skills you will need if you are serious about establishing yourself as a professional working composer. 
  • Film Music – How would you write music for a sad scene, or a scary scene in a movie? What kind of music would you write for an action movie, or a love story? How do you develop a musical theme? How do I synchronise my music with a movie? How can I get a start in the industry? Amy’s speciality is Film and TV Music! 

Please note: Amy only offers 60-minute composition lessons (not 30 or 45 minutes). Amy does not offer advice, feedback or consultation outside of lessons.

Where Does Amy Teach?

  • Online, via Zoom. 
  • So, as long as you have an internet connection, your location does not matter! Amy teaches students all over the world!
  • Amy’s studio is Apple Mac – based, and uses Logic Pro X as her main DAW and Sibelius as her main notation software.

1:1 Private Lesson Types and Financial Investment

OPTION 1: “One-Off” Lesson (Casual Rate) - Paying Per Lesson

  • 60 minutes = $150.00
  • Paying ‘per lesson’ means you pay for your lesson as you go, and as you need them. This might be once a month, or just every now and then. No up-front costs or bulk payments necessary.
  • You can book and pay for lessons whenever you need them by clicking the “BOOK A ONE-OFF COMPOSITION LESSON” button below.
  • Choose a time/day that works for you in your timezone and fill in the details.
  • All fees are in Australian Dollars. You can pay in any currency using a credit card. We use Stripe as our secure 3rd party online payment processer.

OPTION 2: Paying Up-Front (Ongoing Lessons)

  • this formhttps://virtualpianoacademy.typeform.com/to/jrBE3GEp60 minutes = $120
  • Paying ‘up-front’ means you pay for 3 months’ worth of lessons up-front in bulk (12 lessons), which entitles you to this discounted hourly rate. 
  • Once you’ve had your 12 lessons, you can either stop lessons, take a break or decide to continue lessons (either casually or via another 12-week block).
  • If you’re interested in this option, you will need to apply for lessons by filling in this form.
  • Any lesson/s you miss or do not attend (for whatever reason), you will forfeit that lesson and not receive a refund on that missed lesson.
  • Any lessons cancelled by Amy (due to sickness, holidays etc) will be credited towards the payment of your following 12 weeks.
  • All fees are in Australian Dollars.
  • No refunds are given.
  • Composition lessons can be commenced at any time throughout the year. 

If you’re interested in booking 12 lessons with Amy (non-casual lessons), you will be required to submit a short application, which includes sending Amy an example/s of one of your current compositions (even if your composition is incomplete and still a "work-in-progress"). Click the button below to apply for Ongoing Lessons.